Lymph node grafting for the treatment of upper limb lymphoedema

A pilot study of lymph node grafting was carried out at Waikato Hospital 2014-2016. The hypothesis was that the transplanted lymph nodes integrate into the lymphovascular system and function as a “pump”, directly pumping interstitial fluid back into the venous system. The pilot study results have shown this to be a safe procedure and should be further investigated as an alternative to a microsurgical procedure as a treatment for upper limb lymphoedema.

This phase two, pragmatic, randomised controlled trial will compare lymph node grafting, in addition to standard lymphoedema therapy; against standard lymphoedema therapy alone. Study participants will be those with residual stage one to two breast-cancer related lymphoedema, despite initial treatment with standard lymphoedema therapy.

This is a single centre (Waikato) and investigator-led trial funded by a grant from the Cancer Society of New Zealand. If are you interested in further information please contact: Heather Flay, Research Nurse on telephone 07 839 8726 Ext 97960 or email, or Jenni Scarlet, Research Nurse on telephone 07 839 8726 Ext 97916 or email