Same Sex Partners

If you’re a lesbian couple, your experience of the breast cancer journey may be different from a heterosexual couple.  Some say it can be difficult “coming out” to medical professionals or that support groups do not work as well for them. 

Make sure you and your partner find a medical professional you trust, whom you are able to communicate with clearly and effectively and who understands your personal situation.  

BCAC would encourage you to make contact with the Mamazon Club – a lesbian breast cancer support network to help you through your breast cancer experience.

Mamazon Club

09 820 3130

Other resources for same-sex couples you might like to have a look at include:

Tips for lesbian partners on supporting a woman through breast cancer, include:  

  • Be a good listener.  Listen to your partner’s thoughts and feelings. You don’t necessarily have to respond – just be there to hear her.
  • Don’t pretend that the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is having no affect on you.  Let your partner know when you can’t handle certain information or a certain conversation.
  • Go to hospital appointments with her, not only so that you can provide her with support but also so you know exactly what’s going on medically.
  • Get practical help where you need it.  You are likely to have to take more responsibility for day-to-day tasks and chores.  Farm some of these out to friends and other family members if you can.
  • If you have children – make sure you monitor how they are responding emotionally.  If they are having difficulty coping, seek professional help for them.

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