Kenzie's Gift launches 'Memories are Forever' packs for kids

For children coping with losing a special person in their lives, they often lack the opportunity or knowledge to express how they are feeling. Kenzie’s Gift’s latest “Memories are Forever” packs have been designed to help and support bereaved children and their families so that they do not have to grieve alone. 

Kenzie’s Gift director, Nic Russell hopes the pack will provide useful information for families experiencing a bereavement within the family as well as guidance for talking to your children about the loss of a loved one.

“I believe it is better to tell a child a sad truth than a mistruth, wrap the support around them, and help them develop coping mechanisms so they may learn to live with their loss,” says Nic. 

Each pack contains a colourful, interactive diary for children aged 5-12 years, full of memory creating activities and coping tools and strategies to help. There is also a booklet for caregivers offering guidance and advice on how to support and reassure children.

Watch the “Memories are Forever” video:

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16 December, 2015 

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