Living a full life

Hi, my name is Lynda and I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 1990 and with secondary breast cancer in 2008.

My secondary breast cancer diagnosis was in Australia and the Oncology team at the Princess Alexander Hospital looked after me and got me started on Docetaxal (Taxotere) and Herceptin straight away. After six cycles of Docetaxal my liver mets had substantially reduced and I continued on with Herceptin. After chemo finished I was able to return to fulltime work. 

I returned to New Zealand in 2010 and under the guidance of Prof Vernon Harvey continue my Herceptin treatment on a 3-weekly cycle. It has now been 6 years and I am fit and well and continue to live a full and active life. I still have my ups and downs but plan on being around for a lot longer. I have a loving partner, family and friends who support and care about me.