BCAC launches new website

28 June 2011

In early May BCAC re-launched their website following several months of research, writing and development. The new website is a comprehensive resource supplying detailed information about breast cancer - the most common form of cancer to affect New Zealand women.

As well as explaining who and what BCAC does, the website provides information about the early detection of breast cancer, the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and support if you have been diagnosed.

BCAC chair, Libby Burgess, says “We work to make world-class detection, treatment and care available to everyone with breast cancer in New Zealand and we wanted our website to reflect that. Alongside the information about all aspects of breast cancer, articles about the latest research and treatments are available, as well as news from all our member groups about their activities.”

Libby continues, “One of the most important aspects of what we do is to provide support for people diagnosed with breast cancer. BCAC is run by breast cancer survivors and we know that a diagnosis is a life-changing moment but with the right support, information and treatment, women can face that diagnosis with courage and determination.  The website is a way of communicating with those diagnosed, and also their families and friends and the wider community.”

In a first for New Zealand, BCAC’s recent web-videos project, Kiwi Stories of Breast Cancer, is a highlight of the website. The series of web videos features 15 New Zealand men and women talking candidly about diagnosis, treatment and recovery from breast cancer. This makes for powerful viewing and gives New Zealanders the opportunity to see and hear the breast cancer stories of fellow Kiwis at the click of a mouse. View web videos.

Other features of the new website include a link to an online Forum and the Stories page (both of which can be found under the Share your story tab near the top of the screen). BCAC has joined forces with the Cancer Society to provide access to this online discussion space where women can communicate with each other, ask questions and discuss all aspects of breast cancer. On the Share your story page viewers can not only read about other women’s journeys with breast cancer but also submit their own story or tribute to share with others.

To view all this and more visit www.breastcancer.org.nz.

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