In 2004, twelve of this country’s breast cancer-related groups met for the first time to discuss ways to improve breast cancer survival rates in New Zealand.

BCAC was formed following this historic meeting with the mandate to work to provide a unified evidence-based voice to ensure that world-class detection, treatment and care is accessible to all women with breast cancer in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Since then BCAC has grown.  Its initial membership of 12 breast cancer groups now stands at 32 groups around New Zealand and around 50 individual members.   You can find out more about our members and the services they offer on this site.  

Since its inception, BCAC has achieved much for women with breast cancer. Among other things, we have: 

  • been instrumental in the campaign to see a year-long treatment programme of the breast cancer drug, Herceptin, fully funded for women with breast cancer
  • developed the support pack, Step by Step, which is distributed free to every woman diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand
  • developed and produced a series of web videos featuring women and men talking candidly about diagnosis, treatment and recovery from breast cancer
  • assisted in the development of best-practice guidelines for clinicians on the management of early breast cancer
  • advocated for New Zealand women to be able to access the latest breast cancer drugs
  • promoted the free mammogram breast screening programme open to New Zealand women aged 45 to 69
  • worked with women waiting for delayed breast reconstruction to have their operations in a timely manner
  • developed accessible and easily understood information online about breast cancer so newly diagnosed women and their families understand the disease.

We welcome membership applications from breast cancer-related groups and individuals with an interest in supporting our work. Email us if you'd like to join BCAC.