The Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC) in partnership with Sweet Louise, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and Metavivors NZ has launched the Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project to enable a number of New Zealanders with advanced breast cancer to create video legacies recording the experiences of these women, as well as wisdom and insights they would like to share.

It’s hoped these video legacies will help the women involved pass on their stories, for their immediate family – partners, children, grandchildren and beyond - and help others who will face a similar diagnosis.

BCAC Chair Libby Burgess explains, 'The Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project is a way to honour the women and men with advanced breast cancer and to help celebrate the strength and beauty of those  challenged with this diagnosis.

‘Raising awareness of breast cancer is crucial, and with early detection and effective treatments, most of the 3300 New Zealanders who are diagnosed each year will survive. But for some, the cancer has advanced and they are faced with the prospect of ongoing treatments and a shortened life expectancy. Their needs are different from those with early breast cancer and for a long time their voices were not heard. Now we have Metavivors NZ, an online peer support group hosted by BCAC, Sweet Louise, a charity focused entirely on supporting those with advanced breast cancer, and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ has published hugely important research on advanced breast cancer in New Zealand.'

Libby adds: ‘The Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project is about acknowledging the distinct needs of those people who have the advanced, incurable form of breast cancer who have felt hidden away and ignored. One of our key roles is to speak up on behalf of patients, and we work closely in liaison with them.'

You can view our collection of legacy videos below. If you would like to help support BCAC and the work we do you can donate here.

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