The breast cancer experience presents some unique challenges for LGBTQI+ people. In addition to the usual stress of facing a cancer diagnosis and treatments, LGBTQI+ people often have to deal with the reactions of those around them. These may range from unfamiliarity with and incorrect assumptions about our relationships, our gender identity, our body image etc, right through to outright discrimination. Having to ‘educate’ even well-meaning clinicians and carers can be extra burden for LGBTQI+ people during a highly stressful time.

Below are some online resources which may help:

The Cancer Council of New South Wales’ online resource provides useful information on coping with cancer, dealing with discrimination, effects on body image, sexual intimacy and fertility, issues for trans and/or gender-diverse people and intersex people, advanced cancer, life after treatment, and issues for LGBTQI+ carers.

Breast Cancer Network Australia also has information for LGBTQI+ people diagnosed with breast cancer which can be found here.

A video of a Q and A session on Breast Cancer in the LGBTQI+ Community, run by Breast Cancer Trials, can be viewed here.

Here’s a list of support services and information sources for anyone in Aotearoa who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, queer or intersex:

Freephone 0800 OUTLINE (0800 688 5463). Gay/lesbian phone counselling, myths and stereotypes debunked, face to face counselling, sex information, events, coming out guide, frequently asked questions and more.

Rainbow Youth 
Support queer and gender diverse youth aged 13-27 including through an Asian peer support group. Phone (09)3764155.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa 
Trans community resources and database. Phone 020 404 92568.

Intersex Trust Aotearoa NZ 
A New Zealand registered charitable trust and provides information, education and training for organisations and professionals who provide services to intersex people and their families. Phone 027 2812221.

Adhikaar Aotearoa NZ 
Adhikaar Aotearoa is a charity that provides education, support and advocacy services for and on behalf of queer and trans people of colour, especially South Asians in Aotearoa.

InsideOUT works with youth, whānau, schools, community groups, youth services, government agencies and other relevant organisations to provide safer schools and communities for young people of minority sexualities, sexes and genders. Phone 027 331 4507.

Body Positive
Provides a broad range of services for people living with HIV in an attempt to break down the sense of isolation HIV+ people often experience and to build a sense of community. Phone 0800 448 5463.