For many women of working age the impact of breast cancer on finances or career can be a pressing issue. 

You may be worried about how taking time off for treatment for breast cancer may impact your career or how the disease may affect your colleagues’ perceptions of your career path. Remember the most important thing is to get well.  Once you are better you will find that others soon forget your illness and it will cease to affect their views of your ability to do your job or your commitment to your work.

If breast cancer treatment puts you under financial stress because you have to pay for treatment or take time off work, there is help available.  You may be eligible for:

Remember also that many friends and family will be willing to help out financially if they know this is what you need or what you are worried about.  Try not to stress about money at this time too much - the most important thing is to focus on getting well.

In future, your experience of breast cancer may affect other financial decisions you make, particularly around insurance.  Make sure you explore your options thoroughly and find the one that suits you best.