The Metavivors NZ Facebook group was set up by BCAC in early 2014 to provide a safe peer support space for those with advanced (metastatic, secondary, Stage 4) breast cancer and to advocate for better treatment and care.

Support and friendship

Metavivors NZ is a safe and supportive online community for New Zealanders living with advanced breast cancer. It aims to provide mutual support, friendship, information and strength to all those who find themselves facing diagnosis and treatment for advanced breast cancer. 

To join the Metavivors NZ Facebook group please search for Metavivors NZ on Facebook and answer the entry questions, or email:

For one Kiwi woman's take on what Metavivors NZ means to her, check out this article from Tania Honey.

If you would like a printed copy of the Metavivors NZ brochure please email us at  and let us know.

Speaking up for positive change

The Metavivors NZ group provides a voice for people with advanced breast cancer in New Zealand to raise awareness of specific needs and to advocate for medicines, treatment options and support. We've set up a second page, Metavivors NZ - Action for Metavivors and their family and supporters to plan advocacy for better services and access to medicines for advanced breast cancer. 

Some Metavivors have chosen to speak publicly, achieved significant media coverage, spoken to MPs, taken petitions to Parliament, spoken to the Health Select Committee and succeeded in getting vital medicines such as Ibrance and Kadcyla funded. Read more here.

What is a ‘metavivor’?

The term ‘metavivor’ refers to women and men who are living with advanced or metastatic breast cancer, combining elements of the words 'metastatic' and 'survivor'. Many people can live and thrive for years with metastatic breast cancer, but however long your journey with the disease, you're a metavivor. 

Metavivors in the US

There is a strong ‘metavivor’ movement in the United States where women with secondary breast cancer are extremely vocal about the need for research into advanced breast cancer and rapid implementation of research findings including provision of effective medicines. To read more visit:

For more support:

BCAC Member group Sweet Louise offers wonderful support and advice for women living with metastatic breast cancer. Visit their website or email or phone 0800 11 22 77.

For information and stories:

You will find an excellent article and slides here: Metastatic Breast Cancer: The Advice I Needed Most

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