Metavivors New Zealand

The Metavivors NZ Facebook group was set up by BCAC in early 2014 in order to advocate for better treatment and care for people with metastatic (also known as secondary, advanced or stage 4) breast cancer.

Metavivors NZ is a safe and supportive online community for New Zealanders living with metastatic breast cancer. It aims to provide support, information, friendship and strength to all those who find themselves facing diagnosis and treatment for advanced breast cancer.

In addition, the Metavivors NZ group provides a voice for people with advanced breast cancer in New Zealand in order to raise awareness of their specific needs and to advocate for medicines, treatment options and support.

The group is a forum for those with metastatic breast cancer to connect and offer mutual support. If you would like a printed copy of the Metavivors NZ brochure please email us at with your request.

What is a ‘metavivor’?

The term ‘metavivor’ refers to women and men who are living and thriving with secondary breast cancer and recognises that many people can live for years with metastatic cancer.

Metavivors in the US

There is a strong ‘metavivor’ movement in the United States where women with secondary breast cancer are extremely vocal about the need for research into advanced breast cancer. To read more visit:

For support: 

BCAC Member group Sweet Louise offers support and advice for women living with metastatic breast cancer. 

To join either of the Facebook groups; Metavivors NZ or Metavivors NZ - Activists' page, please email:

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