A diagnosis of breast cancer is a life-changing moment for more than 3000 New Zealand women every year.

If you are one of these women - BCAC and the Step by Step support pack are here to help.

Step by Step provides information and resources for women at the difficult time of a breast cancer diagnosis. 

BCAC’s members know from personal experience that this is the beginning of a challenging journey, and we have developed this pack specifically for New Zealand women.

The information contained in each pack will help women understand their diagnosis, empower them to ask questions of their medical team and so make informed choices about their treatment options.

Each Step by Step pack contains:

  • An information booklet about breast cancer, treatments, support organisations and other useful resources. You can look at a copy of this here.
  • A diary to organise medical and treatment information, record appointment times and note down any questions women may wish to ask their medical teams. 
  • A journal for recording personal thoughts, with inspirational messages from other women who have experienced breast cancer.

To order your free Step by Step support pack, please fill in the form below and we will send you one immediately.


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