The 2011/2012 Busting With Life breast cancer survivors’ Dragon Boat Team unofficially opened their season with a Flippin' Freezin' Super 12 Regatta at Sylvan Park, Lake Pupuke on Saturday 20 August. A group of hardy souls braved the mid-winter chill to blow the cobwebs away and take to the water to join in the fun of this pre-season splash 'n' dash.
The much anticipated annual WIMA Pink Ribbon Ride took place at the beginning of October. While some of the team headed off to the pools for an aquarobics session, the adrenalin junkies couldn't wait to participate in this year's ride. As always, this was a very well organised event with a lot of sponsors' support and some great prizes. A few team members were lucky enough to win some great motorcycle gear (to wear on the Ride next year, of course.)
Several team members joined local celebrities to make up the 40 teams who entered in support of the Stand Up Paddle For Hope Regatta on Saturday 15 October held at the Auckland Viaduct. Pink was definitely the colour of the day and tremendous fun and camaraderie was experienced by all participants.

A secretly arranged, very last minute opportunity arose for some team members to take part in what became known as the Black Paddle on Sunday 16 October in support of the All Blacks Rugby World Cup semi-final against the Wallabies. Apart from some hairy moments created by the wake of a ferry when the two dragon boats paddled out of Westhaven and into Auckland Harbour, the event provided excellent public exposure particularly with so many local and international visitors in and around the Viaduct that day.
The Splash 'n' Dash Super 12 Regatta held at Westhaven Marina in early November always provides loads of fun. Despite a sneaky southerly breeze and an occasional skiff of rain, the enthusiastic teams were all delighted to be back out on the water after the delayed start to training occasioned by the timing of the Rugby World Cup.

The first “away” Regatta of the season saw the team back at The Lakes, Tauriko in Tauranga for a Super 12 in mid-November. A magnificently organised event once more from the Bay of Plenty hosts, kind weather and renewed friendships again made this regatta one of the highlights of the season. Several team members proved their expertise extends to the dance floor as well as the water when they were shown incredible hospitality from members of the Tauranga Citizens Club where the after-match function was held.

The most recent Super 12 Regatta took place at Hamilton Lake in early December - the first "summer" regatta - in the pouring rain. Just to reinforce the fact that dragon boating is a water sport and not all the water comes from paddling, the rain came from under, over and side-ways. Tents were blown to the max and the conditions made for some interesting techniques on the water. Murphy’s Law that the rain stopped and the sun came out just after the final races were completed!
Busting with Life have welcomed several new paddlers to the team this year. Their enthusiasm shines and the team spirit is alive and well.

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