Busting with Life needs you!

Come along and try dragon boating!

As the first breast cancer survivors team to be set up in New Zealand some 16 years ago now, the Busting with Life dragon boat team have heard it all –“I don’t think I can, I’ve never done it before, I haven’t been in a team for years, I’m not very strong right now” -  even, “I can’t swim!” And many of these same ladies have tried it and become hooked on the sport. Busting with Life reckon they have got something special going on and they want you to consider being a part of it.

The benefits are now well documented by the over 120 teams of breast cancer survivors around the world who participate in this unique sport. Improved health and fitness and increased confidence to take on new challenges are just for starters. The fun, friendship and camaraderie are immeasurable.

Busting with Life would like to invite you to come along and have a paddle with them and see for yourself. They train at Westhaven Marina in Auckland.


Please contact Leslie Ash on ashland@ihug.co.nz  to set up a time for a paddle with Busting with Life.  Nothing is better than giving it a go!

Take a look at their website to find out more and to see what they get up to www.bustingwithlife.org.nz

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