In 2022, Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust held a fundraising challenge titled Aotearoa 100k’s in 30 Days. The challenge was for participants to get sponsored and clock 100 kilometres in 30 days either on foot, on wheels or in the water. The purpose was to get fit, have fun and raise much needed funds for breast cancer support services. The initial fundraising goal was $30,000; but our community blew us away and we raised just over $100,000!

Following this incredible event, in 2023 we wanted to grow the challenge so we could raise funds for other breast cancer support services in Aotearoa. These small charitable trusts rely on fundraising to provide vital services to those affected by breast cancer in their community.

The Aotearoa 100k’s in 30 Days Challenge 2023 is going to be an awesome event; we would love to have you involved!

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