Neither did Marion, a clinical trial participant whose hope for the future of breast cancer research is that it brings more light to the various types of breast cancer.

 "I hope that research gets rid of the myth that all breast cancer is the same. Different treatments can be more effective for different types of breast cancer".

 With clinical trials research we are discovering different types of breast cancer and this leads to the development of future treatments that become more and more individualised to tumour sub-type, age and general health of each woman diagnosed.

 You can help women like Marion to participate in a clinical trial and contribute to improving the outcomes for future generations of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

 You can feel confident that by putting your support behind the Breast Cancer Research Trust, your donation will go directly into research. This means YOU directly make a difference in extending lives, reducing side effects, and improving quality of life for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

 Because of your support we have been able to continue to work with international breast cancer research organisations, to run clinical trials for improved chances of earlier diagnosis, prevention and increased survival.

 The Breast Cancer Research Trust is an independent not-for-profit charitable trust that receives no formal government funding and we rely on donations to help ensure that improvements in breast cancer treatments through research continue. Please consider making a donation today.

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