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Look Good Feel Better FREE classes are for any person, facing any cancer, at any time in their treatment. Anyone who has been diagnosed and is undergoing treatment for cancer can register.

Until you experience a class it is hard to explain how you will Feel Better. Treatment can often affect your sense of self and make you feel like a patient and not a person. A Feel Better class can lift your spirit and show you ways to disguise how you may be feeling.

Welcomed by a trained facilitator, who is accompanied by trained volunteers, this free two-hour class is a chance to relax and learn:

  • how to look after your skin during treatment
  • tips, tools and techniques to use make up to give you a boost
  • relaxation breathing techniques
  • and spend time with people who truly understand what you are going through.

It is for women of all ages, those who have lost hair, those who have kept it, those who are starting treatment or finishing it. Any cancer, any stage. It is a chance to connect. Everyone’s treatment is different. You will sit around a table with many cancers but one community. Skincare and makeup products are handpicked to suit you, and they are your gift to take home.

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20 Feb 2020

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