Keeping an eye on unspent trial funds

We note that PHARMAC reported in June 2017 that the special $3.2 million fund they set up in 2007 to fund the SOLD Herceptin trial to see if 9 weeks of Herceptin could be as effective as 12 months, still had a balance of $319,000 unspent. They noted that recruitment was complete and that ‘future payments relate to publication and administration costs’.

BCAC representatives were present when the final results of the SOLD trial were presented in December 2017 at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.  Lead researcher H. Joensuu stated “Non-inferiority [of 9 weeks vs 12 months] could not be demonstrated”, i.e. the standard of care remains at 12 months Herceptin.

Since the trial is now complete and the results published it will be interesting to see what becomes of PHARMAC’s unspent SOLD trial funds.



PHARMAC Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2017:


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