This webinar is a comprehensive, in-depth presentation by NZ medical experts that answers questions about pain and its management from NZ women with advanced breast cancer. 

‘We recommend this for anyone with questions about pain and pain management. It provides a lot of valuable information about pain in general and pain associated with breast cancer and its treatment.’ says BCAC Chair Libby Burgess. 

The idea for the webinar came from women with advanced breast cancer belonging to Metavivors NZ and Sweet Louise. Their experiences with pain had varied widely and left them wanting to know more about the causes of pain during breast cancer and what can be done about it. 

BCAC, Sweet Louise and Metavivors NZ worked together with pain experts Marta Seretny and Lora Pencheva to produce this webinar. ‘It’s fantastic’ says Metavivor Denise Lemmen.

You can view the webinar by clicking this link.

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