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"Whilst life as we know it has been put on hold, cancer rehab needs are not, and recovery can continue." Denise, Pinc&Steel Physiotherapist

Throughout the lockdown period our dedicated nationwide team of Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists has continued to offer their services. They understand that despite the inability to always offer face to face consultations the needs of people going through breast cancer treatment and surgery remain.

That is why our therapists have worked hard to set up safe alternatives via video consultations and telehealth services, and as New Zealand continues to move through the lockdown levels a flexible and blended approach to healthcare delivery continues. For some, face to face cancer rehab sessions may now be appropriate but video technology allows for people if they choose, to continue to work towards their rehab goals from the safety and comfort of their living room.

Experience shows that if appropriate rehab doesn't happen early enough then people eventually end up coming into PINC cancer rehab services in a worse condition. Physical impairments that might have been easy to address can become more difficult and costly to manage if they have progressed over weeks and months. So, it is important that people know Pinc&Steel cancer rehab services are still available and importantly, effective.

“I have recently been able to help two ladies with breast cancer via telehealth consultations. They had limited shoulder movements after surgery and had their radiotherapy postponed as a result. In just a couple of short sessions online, teaching them home exercise and stretches and offering reassurance and encouragement, they are now relieved to have the shoulder movements to be able to start the next part of their oncology treatment. Physios have such valuable skills alongside hands-on treatment and using telehealth options has really highlighted the impact we can make supporting clients, especially with rehabilitation. My clients using telehealth options are happy that there is greater flexibility with appointment times, and that they can continue with their cancer rehab from the safety of their own homes.”

 Zee, Pinc&Steel Physio

“Online physio sessions with my oncology clients enables me to more easily target their exercises to the home-based task they want to achieve. Their goals might include being able to hold heavy kitchen pots, draw the curtains or find a comfortable couch position. Because I can see what they want to be able to do via the screen, the exercises, and progressions I teach them can be much more specific and ultimately more successful. There are certainly some benefits to moving to telehealth services for many of my clients.”

Rachael, Pinc&Steel Physio

Contact your local cancer rehab therapist to find the best way that works for you to access rehabilitation, and start to work towards exercise, strength, and pain management goals as soon as you can.

27 May 2020

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