BCAC recognises Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day

BCAC is speaking out in support of the thousands of New Zealanders with metastatic breast cancer today: Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Secondary breast cancer is cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body, such as the bones, brain or liver.  It is incurable.

BCAC chairperson, Libby Burgess, says thousands of women in New Zealand are living with secondary breast cancer and they deserve special recognition and support.

“All of us in BCAC are inspired by the women we meet with secondary breast cancer. They live their lives with enormous courage and face many daily obstacles as they navigate the health system.

“Unfortunately, the needs of those with secondary breast cancer are often overlooked and BCAC is working with these women to ensure they get the best medicines, treatment options and support,” Libby says.

BCAC helped set up the group, Metavivors NZ, to advocate for better treatment and support for New Zealanders with secondary breast cancer.

Libby says more work is needed to ensure that the latest treatments are available in New Zealand to help those with the disease have a better quality of life. “Medicines such as Perjeta and Kadcyla have had excellent results in extending the lives of those with secondary breast cancer. We need action now to ensure that these medicines are publicly funded in New Zealand as they are in other parts of the world,” Libby says.

BCAC and a number of women from Metavivors NZ have appealed to PHARMAC and the Minister of Health to publicly fund these and a number of other medicines proven to be effective in secondary breast cancer. “October is breast cancer action month and BCAC is firmly of the belief that it’s a time to raise awareness about all kinds of breast cancer and that means secondary breast cancer too,” Libby says.

Click here for more information on secondary breast cancer or visit the Metavivors NZ section of our website.

13 October 2015

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