If you do, and you don’t really need any more stuff, why not set up a Gift Registry with The Good Registry? That means your family and friends can celebrate your big day without fuss and you can all support BCAC at the same time.  It’s easy to do – here’s how:

Step 1: Head to thegoodregistry.com. Click the button for Registries. 

Step 2: Create a registry by setting up your profile then an event name + date. It could be for your birthday, wedding, farewell - to name a few. 

Step 3: Choose BCAC as the charity partner you’d like to support.  

Step 4: Spread the word! Share your registry with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. 

Step 5: Celebrate your event and feel the joy of little bits of kindness adding up to so much goodness for your chosen charity. 

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