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More than 3000 people receive a breast cancer diagnosis every year in NZ and too many know that successfully completing treatment is just the beginning of an arduous journey back to health. That is the reason why New Zealand’s pioneering cancer rehabilitation organisation PINC & STEEL is launching the world’s first Cancer Rehabilitation Awareness Week from 7th-13th September 2020. 

While the field of oncology is doing wonderful things for cancer survival rates, it comes up short in the aftermath. It is estimated that in some areas only five percent of those diagnosed with cancer are referred to rehabilitation. PINC & STEEL’s upcoming Awareness Week aims to ensure that more people learn about what cancer rehab has to offer them and their family and friends, and that no one misses out on rehab and on reaching their potential after a cancer diagnosis.

A Macmillan survey concluded that more than 70% of people diagnosed with cancer say they’re struggling with physical side effects 1-10 years after treatment. These can include pain, lymphoedema, fatigue, anxiety, and poor sleep. There is increasingly strong evidence that cancer rehabilitation can help to prevent and to manage these side effects. No one should be left to cope with these difficulties alone.

PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists are located throughout Aotearoa and can assist people with many of the concerns they have both during and after breast cancer treatment. They are qualified physiotherapists who have certified in specialised cancer rehabilitation training and education. They have skills to assess and support people after a cancer diagnosis with problems such as painful or swollen areas, limitations caused by scar tissue, reduced movement and stiffness, lack of energy, difficulty with breathing, problems with fatigue and returning to work or sport. 

We acknowledge that while exercise is an important component of cancer rehab crucially PINC Certified clinicians are able to take time to listen to breast cancer survivors’ worries, hopes, fears and goals. Whether it is getting back to work, having the strength to lift children, or the stamina to cope with a holiday, cancer rehabilitation empowers people to achieve their goals.

PINC & STEEL would love your support to raise the awareness of the benefits and availability of cancer rehab in New Zealand during our upcoming Awareness Week, and that no one should miss out!

You can join in the Cancer Rehab Awareness Week event here and help to spread the word by sharing the event and the resources that will be available during the week 7-13th September.

For more information about Cancer Rehabilitation Awareness Week, and to download resources to share please visit: 

17 August 2020

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