Has fitness been on your 'to do' list?

Has fitness been on your to do list? Looking to widen your friendships? Are you asking yourself – what does life after breast cancer offer?

Dragon boating in the Busting with Life team could be your answer to all of these questions.

Busting with Life, was the first dragon boat team established in New Zealand. 2018 will be their 20th anniversary celebration.

They participate in the Auckland Regionals and NZ Nationals dragon boat regattas and they paddle in both the breast cancer division and against all comers in the heats.

In 1996 Canadian Sports medicine physician, Dr Don McKenzie, launched Abreast in a Boat in 1996 to test the myth that repetitive upper-body exercise in women treated for breast cancer increased the risk of lymphedema. He believed that by following the special exercise and training programme, women could avoid lymphedema and enjoy active and full lives. 

This programme was followed and the women were carefully monitored. Dr McKenzie’s theory was proven correct, no new cases of lymphedema occurred, none of the existing cases of lymphedema reoccurred and none of the existing cases became worse. Data supports the emerging hypothesis that dragon boating is a vehicle for improving women’s wellness and post-treatment quality of life.

Why not join their team? They are competitive on the water, but are also committed to breast cancer awareness, supporting and encouraging each other off the water, whilst having fun at the same time.

Contact Busting with Life: www.bustingwithlife.org.nz or call:  Vicki on 021 038 2581

18 May 2017


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