Navigating your way through hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

Navigating your way through hereditary breast and ovarian cancer is proudly brought to you by The Gift of Knowledge. It will take place on 6th & 7th of March 2015, Riccarton Park, Christchurch.

The Gift of Knowledge was established in 2009 with the aim of providing information and support to people who are impacted by a genetic pre-disposition to breast and ovarian cancer.

This conference will present the latest in research, techniques and views with the ultimate aim of helping you to make informed decisions. You will get the opportunity to spend time with experts in this field, ask questions and share experiences. As a medical professional, hear first-hand the role you play in your patient’s journey while learning about advancements in specialities that complement yours.

The conference is open to anyone interested or concerned about hereditary cancer – individuals and families, support groups and healthcare professionals.

Topics to be discussed include:
·    Genetic testing – who gets it, who doesn’t and what impact is technology having?
·    Surveillance or surgery - what are the latest risk reducing options?
·    Research and clinical trials - what's happening where, what's available to us and when?
·    Medical menopause
·    Breast and ovarian cancer – what’s new?
·    Breast reconstruction - what's available and how can we access it?
·    The field of fertility
·    The role of nutrition in cancer
·    Insurance - what's available and how do I protect myself and my family?
·    Discussing it with your children - when, how?
·    Back by popular demand – ‘Beryl and Sheryl’ (bare all and share all) - a chance to see various stages of breast reconstruction first hand.

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Earlybird registrations (22nd December - 25 January 2015) - $150.00 per person
Standard registration (26 January - 3 March 2015) - $170.00 per person
Student registration (22 December - 3 March) - $130.00 per person
Note - all registrations include full catering (morning, afternoon tea, lunch).

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23 Feb 2015

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