Media Coverage

Here we provide links some of the recent media coverage about issues affecting women with breast cancer. We give full credit to the source of every story.

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Stuff : 10 Apr 2019

Malcolm Mulholland, who wrote the letter calling for a review of PHARMAC that was presented to Parliament, expresses his extreme disappointment the review request has been turned down. Health Minister David Clark shares his views, which BCAC do not agree with. 

Keywords: breast cancer, advanced breast cancer, metavivors, health select committee

NZ Herald : 10 Apr 2019

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has asked Health Minister David Clark to look into early access to new medicines, after highly public calls from women with advanced breast cancer since at least October last year for medicines they need.

Keywords: breast cancer, advanced breast cancer, metavivors, Jacinda Ardern

Stuff : 13 Mar 2019

Awesome women describe their fight for the right to survive, before Parliament's Health Select Committee.


NZ Herald : 28 Feb 2019

Major new research has discovered a protein that can determine whether or not a person will benefit from hormone therapy or chemotherapy. Research is now underway to turn it into a tool or biomarker that clinicians can use to target the best treatment for each patient.

Keywords: research, SHON, protein, biomarker, Dong-Xu Liu

Stuff : 21 Feb 2019

A tremendous idea. We agree totally. Women with advance breast cancer should have unlimited free doctors' visits as a matter of course.

Keywords: advanced breast cancer, Terminal, free GP visits, Breast Cancer Foundation

NZ Herald : 08 Feb 2019

Opinion piece from Bryce Edwards, a lecturer in Politics at Victoria University. An excellent summary of some of the debate and commentary in recent months about the poor cancer treatment in NZ.


Newshub : 05 Feb 2019

17-year-old Molly Rose Mulholland expresses her extreme disappointment that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did not respond personally to her letter calling for funding of important medicines for advanced breast cancer. 

Keywords: Mullholland, Molly Rose, Wiki, Malcolm Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, Ibrance, Kadcyla

Newshub : 05 Feb 2019

PM Jacinda Ardern responds to calls for an inquiry into PHARMAC on Newshub today. She defends PHARMAC, saying it is the envy of others. But she agrees with Duncan Garner's question that she wouldn't block a high-level review of PHARMAC if that's what Parliament's Health Select Committee recommends.


Newshub : 04 Feb 2019

Cancer charities are calling for better Government funding for new cancer treatments in New Zealand. Lung cancer sufferer David Coombe explains the challenges of getting medicines. He is currently in a medical trial, but if that stops working he’ll need to look at self-funding a newer medicine.


Newshub : 04 Feb 2019

An opinion piece by Duncan Garner about the calls for funding of Ibrance and Kadcyla – he says New Zealanders should be demanding better drugs.