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Pink Dragons recruiting for 2017/18 season

The Pink Dragons dragon boat breast cancer survivors’ team celebrated their 10th Anniversary last year with a special Regatta joined by many other dragon boat teams. All the teams dressed up for the ‘Swashbucklers’ themed afternoon but unfortunately the weather had other ideas about the teams getting out on the water to race!

Medals for the dragon boats at Masters Games

Busting with Life, along with the Pink Dragons, competed at the World Masters Games in April.

With the World Masters Games right here in their hood it seemed only right and proper that the two Auckland Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Teams combined forces to take on the world.

Has fitness been on your 'to do' list?

Has fitness been on your to do list? Looking to widen your friendships? Are you asking yourself – what does life after breast cancer offer?

Dragon boating in the Busting with Life team could be your answer to all of these questions.

Fashion for a Cure

Breast Cancer Cure invites you to attend their Fashion for a Cure Show on Thursday 19th May.